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I haven't really been in AI fandom in a long time, but tonight I was reminded that I've read a LOT of porn about this guy.

He was amazing and adorable and charming and it reminded me how much I liked him on his season of AI. Also, he made a few comments about sharing clothes with the little opener girl because they are the same size. So, hell yeah. Now my brain is going to a lovely cross dressing place...

His set was a great mix of songs from both CD's and some covers. I especially loved the mashup of Faith, We are Young, and Some Nights.

And Katy was so cute! She fell asleep during his set on this huge couch back in the balcony.

His opener was Jillette Johnson and she was fantastic. I'm so glad we get to see her again as William Beckett's opener. Kris came out and stood by us in the balcony during his set. I really love it when the headliners watch and really appreciate their openers. It makes me love them even more. Kris is just a really great guy, you know?

Anyway, here are a few pics I took of Kris from the back of the balcony -

Wow Kris

More pics )
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I come bearing pictures of cute-ness! :D

I recently made a few presents for my best friend, and since she just got the package, I can post some pictures! This was a Tangled themed present that includes a crown, mask, My Little Pony, and incantation sheet music all packaged with MANY tiny origami stars. I am, of course, referring to the newer movie "Tangled", the Disney adaption of Rapunzel.

I posted some pictures over at my Deviant Art, but in case you are not over there, I have some pictures ahoy! )
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Things have been a bit crazy and I'm still getting over my cold, so I haven't been commenting much. Sorry. I really am trying to be better about that. :D

However, I come bearing gifts for all my fellow killjoys out there!

Behind the cut are HUGE images. You have been warned. O_o I have been VERY crafty… behold under this awesome cut text! )


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