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So, I know what you are thinking... wouldn't it be awesome if there were masks based on MCR's guitars/bass/microphone, right? RIGHT? It's like I'm psychic! BEHOLD MY POWERS!

And if that happened, they might look like this!

Clicken to enbiggen

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ETA - Winners revealed at this post!
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So, remember when I maniped those pics of Amanda Tapping with angel/devil wings? Well, it seems like the wings have taken over... again. O_o

I bet you always wanted to see the cast of Leverage as angels or demons. Yeah, you know you want it.

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I've been on a bit of a photoshop kick of late. Sorry if you are one of the writers I've pestered into taking a header. If you are a writer and would like something story/fandom specific, I'd LOVE to work on it. I can't guarantee it will be any good, but I like to try.

Recently, I've been making headers, wallpapers and icons. These are of Danneel Harris, Genevieve Cortese, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf, and Aldis Hodge. I'm not sure anyone actually wants them, but feel free to take. Credit is nice, but not required. Comments are love. <3

My resources are here.
If you'd like anything tailored for you, just let me know. All fonts, wording, colors, etc are changeable.
All images are stock or from the image galleries on the actors site. (Mostly from google image search)

Lastly, if there are any artists out there that want to give me some helpful suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. I'm still not really sure what I'm doing... just flailing about at the program. Basically... I need help!

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