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I haven't really been in AI fandom in a long time, but tonight I was reminded that I've read a LOT of porn about this guy.

He was amazing and adorable and charming and it reminded me how much I liked him on his season of AI. Also, he made a few comments about sharing clothes with the little opener girl because they are the same size. So, hell yeah. Now my brain is going to a lovely cross dressing place...

His set was a great mix of songs from both CD's and some covers. I especially loved the mashup of Faith, We are Young, and Some Nights.

And Katy was so cute! She fell asleep during his set on this huge couch back in the balcony.

His opener was Jillette Johnson and she was fantastic. I'm so glad we get to see her again as William Beckett's opener. Kris came out and stood by us in the balcony during his set. I really love it when the headliners watch and really appreciate their openers. It makes me love them even more. Kris is just a really great guy, you know?

Anyway, here are a few pics I took of Kris from the back of the balcony -

Wow Kris

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What a great concert! [ profile] sadiane and I ended up going with [ profile] boggit and [ profile] marcolette and I'm so glad we met up with other fangirls! It was so much fun.

We headed directly up to the balcony and got a pretty good vantage point to see the entire stage, even if we were a bit far back. Luckily I have a strong zoom and a deep love of this lovely man. :D

I have some pics of Allison Iraheta, Orianthi, and Adam Lambert. Adam had quite the show. It was full of smoke and laser lights. Very cool in the venue, however these make for blurry pictures. Or very interesting pictures depending on how you look at them. ENJOY!

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Also, [ profile] butterfly did a wonderful recap with kick-ass pictures here. Check 'em out.

ETA - How did I not realize this sweetie-pie wasn't wearing shoes? HOW CUTE! Apparently we have a similar hatred of shoes. :)


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