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Today is the most awesome of days - MORE JOY DAY! The wonderful [ profile] sdwolfpup started this six years ago and I love that it is still going strong. Today is all about being nice and spreading joy.

So, it's GIVE AWAY time! I have a few masks that were "testers" or are "fannish" in a way that I wouldn't feel comfortable selling. But maybe someone will love these. Maybe these could find the perfect homes and it would make someone really happy to have a handpainted masquerade mask.

There are four masks to choose from and you can put your name in the hat for just one, or all of them, if you'd like. You could even participate here AND on tumblr. You can find the tumblr post here.


~The first is a Supernatural inspired mask that has a black base and features a silver Devil's Trap design. It has then been distressed to look well loved and worn in.
~Then, there is a Teen Wolf inspired mask. The base is dark blue with silver "clouds" and a full moon (that is GLOW IN THE DARK). There is a black triskelion and swirls to complete this mask.
~The next is a Game of Thrones inspired featuring the House Stark logo. Winter is coming!
~Finally, there is a comic book inspired mask. The shape off to the side is reminiscent of a BAM! or POW!

Here is how this is going to work. You will tell me which mask(s) you are interested in and then you will pick a number between 1-1,000 for each mask. The person who guesses closest to the number I've chosen for each mask will win that mask. For example, you might leave a comment that says -

Supernatural - 430
Game of Thrones - 288
Comic Book - 999

I will announce the winner on Monday, January 14th. If more than one person chooses the correct number, we will figure something out… I promise. I will send you a private message and get your address. Within one week for the US or 10+ days for international, you will have a shiny new mask!

Good luck everyone!
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