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So, I know what you are thinking... wouldn't it be awesome if there were masks based on MCR's guitars/bass/microphone, right? RIGHT? It's like I'm psychic! BEHOLD MY POWERS!

And if that happened, they might look like this!

Clicken to enbiggen

Tee hee. Kinda cute, right?! Well, I think so. :D What do you think???

[Poll #1810318]

~More comparison pictures ~
Pansy - Frank's beloved baby
This mask has a white base, black and silver "PANSY" that sparkles, the two gold "pick ups", and the four silver knobs. There is a black boarder just like the real Pansy. I feel that Frank would approve.


Sparklebass - Mikey's silver bass
This one's quite simple. The base is silver with a silver glittery layer on top. The racing stripes and pick guard are replicated to the best of my ability. Yes, I changed the angles and such, but I think it really works. This one looks quite "Killjoy" and I so love how it came out!


Les Paul - Ray's trusty guitar
I know Ray has a lot of guitars, but I just love this one. I love the colors and how it fades into such a dark black, but just on the edges. This one is most like the actual guitar with pickups, knobs, pick guard… everything! It's kinda special.


Party Poison Microphone - Gerard's wonderful and shiny mic
I probably took the most liberties with this one. It's yellow and pink with black accents, though so... score? It's super sparkly and also on the "Killjoy" spectrum. \o/


All my masks are hand shaped out of 8 oz vegetable tanned leather and painted with acrylics. There is an elastic cord that easily ties off for quick adjustments.

Today is the most awesome of days - MORE JOY DAY! ! The always delightful [ profile] sdwolfpup started this up five years ago. It's all about being nice and spreading joy. \o/ Huzzah! \o/

Now is when things get fun. One of these masks could be YOURS! And it could be in your hands in less than a week for FREE. (Well, maybe two if it's going overseas) All because I love you, lovely LJ peeps. :D :D :D *hugs*

Here is how this is going to work. You are going to leave me a comment that says "I'm in" and then tell me which is your favorite. You don't have to be on my f-list or anything. If having one of these masks will make you smile, then I'm a happy camper. On Sunday afternoon, I'll pick a winner (or two or three… haven't decided yet) out of a hat. (Yes, I'm literally going to write your names down and put them in a hat. High-tech stuff going on over here.) If I pick you and your mask is still sitting here, it's yours! I'll PM you to get your address and it should be 3-6 days (within the US) and 6-10 days (international).

I hope everyone has a very joyous and spectacular day! :D *smish*

ETA - Winners revealed at this post!
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